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E-texts and the School Library: Critical and strategic issues concerning the delivery of e-texts to school communities
Wilma Kurvink

In this session Wilma Kurvink will provide an outline of the issues in managing and delivering e-texts in school libraries. The session will raise and discuss the following questions:

1. What is the relationship of e-texts to e-readers?
2. Why is the fallacy around e-readers and libraries?
3. Delivering via an e-commerce model- why wont it work for libraries?
4. How do Digital rights management and the e-commerce model fit together?
5. How does the impact of digital rights affect delivery?
6. What are the specific issues around distribution of e-texts in Australia?
7. What forms of E-texts are currently available to schools?
8. How can e-texts be distributed at school?
9. What will publishing become in the new environment?

Wilma Kurvink has been the College Head of Wesley College Libraries since 1999. Prior to this she was a secondary teacher, curriculum leader and worked extensively with ESL students in disadvantaged schools. She has presented at IASL, SLAV and ASLA conferences on action research, contemporary literacy and reading programs, and learning with digital technology. After completing a Masters degree at RMIT in innovation and service management, she has focussed on educational leadership, and improvement of learning for students and for staff. At Wesley College Wilma has led the team many innovations including reading programs augmented by technology for peer recommendation and collaboration, programs combining guided inquiry and “Understanding by design” frameworks–also augmented by Web 2.0 technology. She has been part of award winning research about E-texts and E-Readers, and was part of the first Australian school implementation of the AquaBrowser search and discovery platform in 2010. Wilma was involved in the digitisation of the Wesley College Archive publications, The Lion, The Chronicle Histories, song books, dating back to 1873, the implementation of the College Archive online access via OCLC Content and leadthe implementation of curriculum mapping across the three campuses of Wesley College. Wilma enjoys exploration of new technologies to improve student learning, and has a particular interest in curriculum for the 21 t Century.