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Stewart Savard

Students graduating in the summer of 2020 – our present cohort of grade 3 students – will be amongst the last cohorts of students to have experienced traditional brick and mortar libraries. Libraries as physical locations for books and places wherein research is conducted will have evolved from what generations of students in the 20th Century experienced. The challenge facing the library community, will be to bring students together with the materials they may be reading/viewing/experiencing and to provide students with the tools, skills, and attitudes needed to go far beyond simple exposure to materials and into an environment that embraces and encourages discovery, exploration and thought. This presentation will attempt to: identify some of the likely electronic tools (eBooks, eBook readers, gadgets and research tools, and user customized environments), library challenges, and mileposts we are likely to face between now and 2020. This presentation will attempt to provide some emphasis on the challenges facing Distance Education Schools and on the needs of Career students.

Biography: Stew Savard, working with advice and support from a number of colleagues, created and maintains the eLibrary in the Comox Valley, British Columbia. With approximately 400,000 visits since they started using Google Analytics in 2006, the site routinely has pages in the top 10 of Google searches. Stew has also written several series of articles on eBooks and eBook Readers and on enhancing Science Fiction Collections in School Libraries for Bookmark – the Journal of the BC Teacher Librarian Association. Stew presently splits his time between the North Island Distance Education School (in British Columbia) and in identifying and developing Career Resources for students in Secondary School in the Comox Valley (SD#71). Stew’s academic background includes a B.Ed (in Secondary Socials Studies) from the University of Victoria, a Masters in Science (in Instructional Technology) from the University of Oregon and a Doctorate (in Curriculum) from OISE/University of Toronto. In his free time??, Stew runs robotics clubs in five Comox Valley elementary school and is developing robotics curriculum from grades eight through 12.