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Pat Pledger
Using e-books and e-book readers with students – What does the research say?

This presentation will look at some recent research about ebook readers. It will show some of the features of ebooks and ebook readers that are helpful for students. These include size of print, audio function, dictionary and ability to take notes. The presentation will also look at the ability of people to effectively read and understand the content that is presented in ebook format. The content of the book itself is the object of worth. It doesn’t matter what format it comes in, the role of teachers, librarians and parents is to promote a love of reading and teach the skills necessary to use both print and digital books.

Pat Pledger is a director of Pledger Consulting. Previously, she has been a school library coordinator and English teacher. She is keenly interested in the promotion of reading and has presented conference papers about literature activities at national and international conferences. She is the editor of ReadPlus and the ReadPlus review blog. She also reviews for Fiction Focus, South Australian English Teachers’ Association and the School Libraries Association of South Australia.