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Alison Morin

EBL is one of the world’s leading ebook aggregators, offering libraries some of the most flexible and innovative ways to acquire and access ebooks. All of EBL’s titles are available for purchase with perpetual access and multiple concurrent access. EBL’s patron interface is intuitive and easy to use and offers patrons the choice of reading online or downloading to a laptop, PC or reading device. This presentation provides you with an introduction to EBL and how to get started with ebooks in your library.

Biography: Alison Morin is the Vice President of Business Development, Australasia at Ebook Library (EBL), overseeing account and customer services, and is responsible for the customer experience, especially in access and acquisition workflows. She is a MLS graduate from San Jose State University (SJSU). Although a Northern California native, she is now a permanent Australian resident. In her former life, she was a Digital Reference Specialist at the Library of Congress. There, she primarily focused on the development and implementation of digital reference services, working with the Collaborative Digital Reference Service and with OCLC to develop QuestionPoint.