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Margaret Simkin, Hamilton College

Why go to the expense of installing an interactive whiteboard in your library? If you have one already, do you use? Why is it there? This is the one tool that brings everything I have ever believed about education together for the seamless and powerful delivery of teaching and mastery of learning. This presentation will look at the pros and cons of adding an iwb to your library and the changes you can then effect in your school library’s provision of traditional services. Such changes incorporate encouraging students to read, to assisting them with effectively locating the information they require. Humour will aid the presentation, but the content will come to grips with the difficult questions that surround this particular piece of technology.

Biography: Margaret is Head of Information Services and Head of History at The Hamilton and Alexandra College in South Western Victoria. She has worked across all Victorian school systems and began her teaching career as a History and Geography teacher. In the late 90’s she completed her Master of Education (Teacher-Librarianship) at Charles Sturt University. Margaret has been in her present position for nearly six years and has employed many technologies in her delivery of curriculum, both for her History classes and in her library role. She is a firm believer in the power of the interactive whiteboard as a means of enhancing the teaching and learning process. E-books are but one example of what can be easily shared in this manner.

Margaret Simkin: