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Kerrie Smith

This presentation/discussion will focus on the current state of play with e-readers and e-books in Australian schools, and the major barriers to the widespread adoption of e-texts.

Biography: Kerrie Smith has a background of teaching English, History and Information Technology in secondary schools.
Ten years ago Kerrie was seconded to, to the edna Project, as the Schools Information Officer. Since then she has filled a number of positions, mainly focussing on the use of online resources and the development of online communities.
Kerrie has been named Australian Computer Educator of the Year, South Australian ICT Leader of the Year, and won an international award for services to ICT in Education.
Kerrie bought a Kindle 15 months ago, then a Kobo e-reader for staff to play with, and finally an iPad for her husband.
Earlier this year merged with another Ministerial Company, Curriculum Corporation, to become Education Services Australia.
Projects Kerrie has worked on this year have involved virtual environments for educators, and discussions and online communities related to the implementation of e-readers and e-books in the Australian curriculum.