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Jan Jackowicz-Korczyński

There is a constant conflict; the idea of an open education and a free publication against copyright of authors and publishers and the financial aspect of these rights.

The reader and the student prefer to get free access to books and information. The author and the publisher seek profits regarding their work and therefore they are reluctant to provide free publishing.

The cost of producing traditional books is very expensive (copyright of the author, the costs of publishing, printing and distribution). Moreover the traditional book is relatively hard to access.

Production of books in digital format and its distribution in the e-book form significantly reduces the costs. Furthermore e-books can be easily copied in any desired quantity –depending on actual needs. However simple copy procedure seriously threats the authors; commonly accessible, widely spread digital
copies deprives them of the financial copyrights.

Many people prefer copy illegally e-book instead of buying it for very low price.
I would like to present a compromise solution. We are testing such experiment with ARTLINE – Polish e-book publisher.

Biography: Jan Jackowicz-Korczyński is a teacher of computer science in High School No. 6 in Gdansk (Poland) and the initiator and coordinator of the network, and youth programs (,,

He is a qualified philosopher, but he also worked as a librarian, a web developer and expert for the use of new technologies in education. His work with youth and youth leaders in the field of non-formal is ground breaking. He is an instructor prestigious artistic and creative camps INTERKAMP (

For many years, working with libraries. (Employee of the University of the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow and Gdansk Library of Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk. He is an expert in adaptation of new technology in libraries Interklasa project ( , European Schoolnet, and the school library in Poland ( He was a member of the National Library Council, Ministry of Culture in Poland. At the moment specializes in the subject: the use of new technology of self-creation for personal development and self-promotion in youth generation with the slogan: positive, creative, solidarity.