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Fay Pattison

Due to DER (Digital Education Revolution) funding from Federal government, more schools are moving towards having more computers (desk top, laptop or netbook) in their schools even if not to the ratio of 1:1. There is growing pressure for text books to be available on the computers/ laptops as e-texts rather than students having heavy books to carry. This paper looks at how a couple of schools are addressing some of the issues being faced as they make this move. Are the required textbooks available as an e-text? How can it be accessed? In what format? At what price? Can you get access to online e-books in a way that suits schools with multiple users of laptops or when they have class sets or run a text book hire scheme where the user changes each semester or each year? Budgeting for e-books especially as it may relate to text books.

Biography: Fay has been a Teacher Librarian for over 20 years and is currently a Teacher Librarian at Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia. When undertaking studies for M. Ed. much of the required reading was changing from print format to being available electronically as e-texts and e-journals to access and read on a computer or online. This lead to her investigating what was happening in secondary schools in relation to e-texts; and thus to her involvement in School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV) Research Group looking at e-books and e-readers and implementation of these in secondary schools. She has presented at SLAV conferences on issues relating to e-books and e-readers in school libraries.