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Jeannette Davies

Abstract: This presentation looks at using iPads in the library with a focus on assisting students with a print disability. We look at the app iBooks in particular and how it can be used in innovative ways to assist students who have disabilities such as low vision, blind, dyslexia, learning difficulty, physical disability as well as how ePub documents can be used as a study aid. The presentation includes video tutorials on how to set up the iPad to enable accessibility to assist our students.

Biography: Jeanette Davies works as an Administrative Officer with the ICLT Team, Catholic Education Office, Wollongong New South Wales. Jeanette provides support in all areas of Information Technology specialising in providing Inclusive Technology solutions for students with disabilities. This encompasses purchasing hardware and software and providing training and support for teachers and students within this area. Jeanette is also responsible for Library support which encompasses Professional Development and is responsible for the conversion of the Diocesan Library’s current library software Alice to it’s replacement Oliver.