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Colin Bell, Concord Australia

Many schools have large and growing collections of digital teaching and learning resources. Some collections are managed within the framework of a learning management system while many are scattered around on servers across the campus. Collections can consist of a broad range of digital items in a wide range of formats: Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, One Note pages, PDF hand written notes (scanned), images, URLs, TLF objects, SCORM objects, streaming video, podcasts, the list goes on. Some are created locally by teachers, some are sourced from other schools and some are licensed from commercial companies. Some are copyright protected while others are open for unrestricted use in schools. All of them have some particular relevance to your curriculum. Imagine if you could not only gather together these resources into one managed space, but you could also compile your own eBooks by “electronically binding” together selected resources. You could create eBooks rich in content that supported specific areas of your curriculum and share them with teachers and students. As you sourced new content you could add it to existing eBooks, confident that it will be automatically published to those who need it. You could even build your own eBooks using commercial eBooks. This session will explore the issues and possibilities around compiling, managing and distributing your own locally compiled eBooks.

Biography: Colin is the CEO of Concord Australia. For the past 20 years Concord has been developing and supporting software for
managing libraries, digital content, digital portfolios and digital standards based assessment in state, national and international curricula including the International Baccalaureate. More recently, Colin and his team at Concord have been researching and developing software to allow schools with burgeoning collections of digital teaching and learning resources to compile their resources into eBooks that match their curriculum and teaching needs. In his spare time (haha) he is a keen SCUBA diver and underwater photographer.