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Barbara Philip

E-books present many challenges to librarians, after we have navigated through the copyright issues, the various platforms needed and the enormous range available, how can we provide one-stop accessibility for our users? Does Oliver currently meet our needs? If not what do we need? This session will enable current and prospective Oliver users to discuss their needs, the range of resources that are hoping to make available and to share ways to manage them within the Oliver LMS. I will provide examples from my own catalogue and experience as discussion starters.

Biography: Barbara Philip is the Teacher-Librarian, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore and has a BAppSci. (Inf & Lib Stud), GradDipEd (English/TeachLib) and an MEd (TeachLib). She has been using Softlink products since she automated her first library in Queensland, Australia in 1993. Between then and now she has used several other LMS, but is currently using Oliver V3.5 in her school in Singapore.