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Ebooks in school libraries: a perilous quest!

Annie Macrae & Sue Chrisfield

This presentation will outline the highs and lows, the pitfalls and triumphs, and the hair-pulling drama of our quest to introduce Ebooks into our school library collection.The journey involved questions relating to cataloguing standards, choice of providers, proprietary files, types of EReaders, access on OPAC, staff/student rights and restrictions, Kindles or IPads or both….and more.

Biographies: Annie Macrae has worked as a teacher and teacher librarian in Victorian Government co-educational schools, International Schools in Portugal and Germany and is now working at Scotch College, Melbourne. Sue Chrisfield has worked in various libraries – public, academic, special and private schools. She was teacher librarian at Tintern for 11 years and is now working at Scotch College, Melbourne.

We are happy to share the journey, warts and all.

Annie Macrae:

Sue Chrisfield: