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I love a good list (the presentations are in)

April 24, 2010

I love a good list (the presentations are in)

We have begun the process of finalizing the presentation list. I am appreciative of the reviewers, our Associate members who helped with providing feedback to the presentation proposals we received.

This is the first time YSL has called for presentations. It was fascinating to hear from people from across the globe and to hear what they are doing in their schools. We can look forward to presentations from Hong Kong, Peru, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, UK, Germany and South Africa.

Stay tuned as we finalize the list. Check out the course details page where you can read the abstracts and bios for YSL4 presenters.


  • Reading and Writing about ‘Rithmatic: Breathing Life into Math and Science Lessons through Literature
  • Start Small, Aim High!
  • Have You Tried ‘em?: Promoting Reading Through Graphic Novels with Struggling, Reluctant or Non-Readers.
  • Do Author visits make a difference to reading interest?
  • Graphic Novels: Purveyors of Evil or Promoters of Literacy?
  • A collaborative teaching approach to inquiry project-based learning with Web 2.0 at upper primary levels in Hong Kong
  • Public School Libraries as Safe Harbors:  Using Reading to Reach the Marginalized Students Who Enter Our Doors
  • A Playworlds Approach to Learning Design: What Role for Youth Librarianship?
  • StoryTubes: Kids Go Live With Books
  • Promoting Reading Through the use of Popular Magazines: Printed Stuff that is just not Dying
  • Roosevelt Reads!  Creating a culture of reading in a K-12 international context
  • E-books and Audio books; do they assist with learning to read?
  • Spreading the word about good books
  • Boys and Books:  Building a Reading Community
  • Tall tales, Gigglecritters and IT: A global literacy project for 21st century children

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  1. teddy bear says:

    Public schools may not be perfect, however they happen to be a critical piece of our country for a lot of folks

    May 14th, 2010 at 11:23 am